Short history

Some thirty years ago a Russian blue breeder from Amsterdam had to stop her cattery due to health problems. One of my colleagues bought three of her cats en was very proud to show them to me.

Never had I seen such beautiful cats: steelgrey coats with a glistening, soft saffire-green eyesand a regal posure. This was real quality!

At that moment I promised myself ever to buy a Russian blue cat. After years of other hobby's with animals (breeding horses and Rex rabbits among others) I've decided in 2010 it was time to search for Russian blue cats. I searched for two brothers, as I have a reasonably busy life with a job and two horses who are at a stable some 20 minutes from my home.

The boys, Grigory and Kirill I bought from a well known breeder. I've noticed that the cats were very sociable, which the cats I'd met some twenty years earlier, were not. Those were somewhat shy. But these cats weren't and I was very pleased with that.

When the kittens were about fourteen weeks old they were brought to my home and it was clear they clung to eachother. They had to adjust to a new home, an other routine and especially to my dog. My Leonberg dog Shaggy was alive then (he stood 82 centimeters high and he had a huge mouth). But within a week the kittens were completely adjusted and had taken over the livingroom, including the dog. They loved him! The boys are somewhat like dogs. They come when I call them, leave the kitchen when I tell them to and if strangers walk past my appartment they walk into the hallway to check if everything is all right. In short: they guard the house!

After a while my plans to start breeding Russian blues started to take shape. When I contacted the breeder of my boys, she offered me to buy a queen for which she sought a good home. Everything awas settled very soon and so Luysya came. And now Cattery Mithrim is here and hopefully the first litter is underway.


My catteryname comes from a book by J.R.R. Tolkien (of whom I am a huge fan since my 18th birthday). Mithrim is the area near the Grey Mountains where a group of Elves stayed when al the Elves migrated to the West. The group of Elves in the area were later known as Grey Elves. There is (in my opinion) the connection with the Russian blue cats. Although the colour of the coat is called blues, the cats are nonetheless grey. The combination of their glistening grey coat, sapphire-green eyes and the regal expression, together with a touch of fantasy, leeds to the Grey Elves of Mithrim.
Now with the addition of Russian Black cats, I will include Noldorin names for the black kittens. That is appropriate when you think that the dark elves were Noldor elves.

Russian Black
After breeding Russian Blues for a couple of years, I became interested in the Russian Black as well. Their pantherlike look, the velvety shiny coat paired with the emerald green eyes, made me decide to start looking for a Russian Black male. I found him in Australia, at cattery Babushkablue, bred by Lynda DuVallier and Michael Auld. I am most grateful they trusted me to take care of Batman and to let him go on a journey across the globe! Batman was offered to me and I liked him a lot. So, Batman came over to the Netherlands and now lives in my cattery. 

Breeding aim
My aim is to breed healthy, lively and sociable cats who are according to the breed standard as much as possible and who have a sweet character. I commit myself to breeding Russian blues and Blacks of the English type.


Cattery Mithrim